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memorial Turtle Race For Edmund

April 20, 2024

We are raising funds to support the Cunningham Falls Park Aviary located in the Manor Area.  


The Aviary is home to 17 animals including owls, snakes, turtles and a bald eagle that are unable to live in the wild due to injury or human dependency such as former pets.  These animal ambassadors are now part of the park's program to educate park visitors about the natural world and our role in it. 


For Edmund's Memorial Turtle Race, participants adopt a floating rubber turtle to race down a water chute.  Turtles are assigned to participants on the day of the event.  There will be cash awards for the fastest floating rubber turtles.  


You can join the effort to provide a high standard of care for these magnificent wildlife ambassadors in a unique and entertaining way by sponsoring the floating turtles and watching them go.  


You can also use the web link below to donate to the Aviary without participating.

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